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How Can You Prevent or Avoid Migraines?

Whether through medication or a change of lifestyle, there are several things a person can do that will help to reduce the severity and number of migraines that they experience. Hopefully you'll find some suggestions in this article that will help you. 

The first key to preventing migraines is to learn what your triggers are. Once you recognize the times that your migraines occur and the factors that are probably setting them in motion, you'll be well on your way to developing a strategy to combat them. Unfortunately, triggers differ from one person to another.However, with some careful consideration, you can narrow down what's triggering them in your own situation.

After you've learned what your triggers are and you perceive that these triggers are warning you of an oncoming migraine, it's take to take action. You're going to have the best success at preventing the migraine if you do something before it has fully begun. So when you detect the trigger in motion, that's the time to start taking / administering any medication you might be using. 

Often, migraines are caused by the lifestyle the person leads. Some common lifestyle causes are stress, too much caffeine, lack of sleep, too much sleep, and nicotine. Also, for women, the menstrual cycle can trigger a migraine. Some other factors, for either males or females, include depression, dieting, alcohol, bright lights, certain foods, and even certain smells.

One method that some people adopt to prevent migraines is to keep a migraine diary. In the diary, the migraine sufferer documents when attacks occur and what triggers led up to this migraine occurring.This often helps detect patterns in the triggers, alerting you to when medication or other strategies should be taken, to avoid a full-blown migraine attack.

Several medications are known to help prevent migraines. They are, however, meant to be taken before the start of the migraine. The newest one approved by the FDA is Topamax (generic:  topiramate). It's been quite successful in treating migraines.

Some other methods of preventing migraines which don't involve drugs include adopting stress management / relaxation techniques and learning how to control our body's blood vessels. Also, according to recent studies, doses of Vitamin B2 or riboflavin can help with preventing migraines, as can magnesium. If a person takes these supplements, he or she might have to wait up to three months before seeing any improvement.

Of course, preventing migraines is not all about what you put in your body. Exercise is also known to help. Migraine sufferers are advised to exercise regularly. Aerobic exercise does a good job at reducing tension, and as a result, can be helpful at preventing migraines. With a doctor's approval, the migraine sufferer can try any of a number of activities, including walking, cycling or swimming. However, the migraine sufferer should be especially careful to warm up first and not to over-exert him or herself.Otherwise, they could actually aggravate the headaches rather than prevent them. For more instructions on preventing migraines, speak with your doctor.

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