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Stress & the Migraine Suffer

Although every migraine sufferer has certain triggers that set off her attacks that others don't have, one trigger seems to apply to almost everyone with the condition. This primary trigger is stress.Fortunately, it's one of the triggers that a person who, when properly equipped, can adequately deal with.

Stress, of course, leads not just to migraines. It's also linked with almost every illness and affliction that people suffer from in the world of the 21st century. It's an unavoidable fact of life that everyone will suffer from a certain amount of life in any given week and on any given day. You will never be able to completely get rid of it. In fact, it's difficult to even reduce the amount of stress you experience.However, it can be done--and for migraine sufferers, it's essential that they learn how. This will require that you learn how to manage everything in your daily life, including stress related to your family, career and raising kids.

So what are the stresses that most often trigger migraines?

  1. Stress at Work. While everyone would love to have a stress-free job, it probably doesn't exist.Whether you're the owner of the business or the janitor or something in between, there will be times that your job causes you stress.
  2. Multi-tasking Stress. This especially afflicts females, who often must juggle several roles at once.As they tackle their jobs as wife, mom and worker, the stress level rises.
  3. Money-Related Stress. When your bills start to pile up, or when you realize that you're not making enough to make ends meet or to buy something you want, this can negatively impact your stress level. In fact, it's a fact that the number one stress on a marriage the stress of finances--and this often leads to divorce.
  4. Parenting Stress. There are many ways that raising kids can cause you stress.Since moms usually stay at home to raise kids, this affects female migraine sufferers more than male.However, as the number of stay-at-home dads increases, more of them are suffering from this stress and the resulting migraines as well.
  5. There are two emotional states that often increase the stress level and thus increase migraines.One is depression. This condition often reduces a person's body's ability to respond to medication effectively. So if your migraine prescription isn't getting the job done, it often is because of depression. This is especially true for women, who seem to suffer more from depression. It's been determined that even moderate depression can reduce the effectiveness of migraine medication and treatment methods such as relaxation and biofeedback. 

    Anxiety is another emotional state that can increase your stress level and therefore migraines.Anxiety is just a state of tension or nervousness that often occurs with no apparent reason. And as with depression, it can keep your medicine from working well. It also sometimes increases the amount of pain that you experience. Therefore, many migraine sufferers find it necessary to treat not just the migraines, but also the anxiety, to get maximum relief.To find out how to treat your headaches in conjunction with anxiety and depression, talk with your doctor.

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