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The Art of Massaging Migraine Headaches

Massage is a technique often used to alleviate pain from migraine headaches. An effective massage can either be done by a professional, or if you learn the right technique, you can do it yourself. You just need to learn about the relevant pressure points to give yourself the most relief.

First, let's understand what a pressure point is. This refers to a point on the body which, when pressed, lessens pain in the head. It might surprise you to learn that a pressure point is not always the point which hurts the most. Once you find the migraine pressure point, you simply press and release it in a slow, rhythmic manner, massaging it deliberately to achieve some relief. This process releases congested blood and energy from your head, thus easing your pain.

Let's discuss now the precise massage technique. Use these basic steps for each pressure point:

  1. Remember never to use the ends of fingers and thumbs, but rather the pads.
  2. As you apply pressure, do so gently, applying light to moderate pressure, depending on the sensitivity of the point.
  3. However, you should press hard enough to feel the tension between fingers and thumb.
  4. Use less pressure if the migraine pressure point hurts so badly that it's difficult to take a deep breath.
  5. As you apply gradual pressure, allow your fingers to sink into the pressure point. Let your fingers and thumb go deeper and deeper.
  6. When you get the thumb or finger as deep as needed, massage that point in small circular movements.
  7. Keep the finger or thumb on the migraine pressure point as long as it takes to feel a change or movement there.
  8. Gradually and slowly now release the pressure point until your finger or thumb leaves the skin.
  9. Repeat this process as many times as needed at that point, then move to the next migraine pressure point.

Where, then, are these migraine pressure points?  Here's a list of the most significant ones. Start at the top of the list, working your way through each of them, making an effort to relax on each one.

  • Base of skull. Find the bony base in back of your skull. Place both thumb pads beneath the skull base, with both thumbs an inch from the spinal column. Keep the thumbs against these two point and tilt the head back a bit. Now press gradually upward, counting up to ten. As you count, breathe deeply. When your thumbs reach the deepest point, massage it in small, circular motions, making sure to hold the pressure. 
  • Mid-forehead. This one is found in the middle of your forehead, directly between the eyebrows. Using the same technique described above, press gradually inward with your thumbs and your index finger, counting to 10, and again breathing deeply. Once again massage in small, circular motions once you reach the deepest point.
  • Eye Corners. With your fingers find the outermost corners of both eyes. Just behind the bone as you move away from the eyes are the spots.  Using the same technique described above, press gradually inward with your thumbs and your index finger, counting to 10, and again breathing deeply. Once again massage in small, circular motions once you reach the deepest point.
  • On the Hand. Most people are surprised to hear there is a migraine pressure point on both hands. It's the fleshy area between the index finger and thumb. Use your opposite hand's index finger and thumb and squeeze the upper portion gradually, counting to 10. Remember to breathe deeply, and when you reach the spot's deepest point, massage with small, circular motions.
  • Equally surprising is the pressure point on the foot, right on the top. Find where the foot bones come together between the first two toes. Now  press down gradually with finger or thumb pads, and count to 10, being careful to breathe deeply. Once you find that deepest point, use small circular motions and massage.

Self-massage is one of the best ways to attain fast relief from the pain of migraine headaches.

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