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Well-Known Migraine Triggers

Although we know a lot about migraines, one of the things we don't quite understand yet surprisingly is what causes them. There are several treatment options, but the effectiveness of them varies considerably. There are new options under consideration, but until they are proven safe, they are not able to provide relief for most migraine patients. All of this puts migraine sufferers in  rough spot.

Still, there is hope, and the migraine sufferer doesn't have to surrender to the pain. Even though we don't completely comprehend all the things which seem to cause these vicious headaches and their debilitating symptoms, fortunately we do know about some of the triggers that bring on the headaches. And we know that if we can avoid these recognized triggers, we often are able to decrease the number of migraine attacks we experience and the severity of the ones that do strike.

With all of that said, let's examine some of the better-known triggers that often set off migraines:

  1. There are certain food triggers. Eating some things bring on migraines in many people. For instance, consuming nitrites / nitrates, MSG (monosodium glutamate) as well as alcohol have each been linked to migraine attacks, as has chocolate in some people. Avoiding these trigger items in your diet can be an effective way of reducing the number of your attacks.
  2. Ironically another trigger is food. Therefore you obviously against avoid migraines by eliminating all or even most food.  Hungry people have more migraine attacks than people who eat regularly and eat well. So don't cut back on meals, just on the MSG and alcohol!
  3. Some medicines are also triggers, especially prescription medications. Women are the ones more susceptible to medicinal triggers, although they are not unheard of in men. This is because two of the most common and powerful medicinal triggers are birth control pills and hormone replacement therapy that includes ingesting estrogen.
  4. Another potential trigger for migraines can be a lack of sleep. Therefore one good defensive measure for fighting off migraine attacks is getting to bed early and keeping reasonable hours.

There are, of course, numerous other potential triggers. In fact, pages of substances and behaviors have been linked to migraine headaches in at least a few instances. Some affect more people than others, and some are more significant triggers than others.

While we don't yet know the exact cause of migraines, and we can't completely cure them yet, we do have enough evidence to know the usual triggers. This allows more effective treatment as we advise people what to avoid in order to reduce the number of attacks. Basically this means that if you watch what you eat, but eat regular meals, get plenty of bed-rest, and monitor your medications, you can eliminate a lot of headaches, and make the rest a lot more endurable. Migraines might still strike but with the right strategy, they don't have to take you out of commission.

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